Finding strength

Posted: February 22, 2017 in Inspiration, Motivation and engagement, Uncategorized


“A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.”

Finding your voice, sharing your passion openly can be a dangerous thing. Putting your thoughts and ideas out for the world to see takes guts because you never know how people will react or respond. Recently, I’ve been more regular in my writing of posts; I have found writing to be a cathartic experience. It is a chance for me to go through my thoughts and emotions and put ideas down. For anybody who is naturally more of an introvert, as I am, writing is sometimes the best form of expression.

There are many days where I doubt myself. Many days where I question decisions I’ve made, paths I’ve chosen and talents others tell me I have that I simply do not see. I naturally have a hard time believing in myself, as I imagine, many students do. We all have various stories that make up who we are. Sometimes they are stories we share, sometimes they are stories that no one knows. But these stories are our essence. My story is littered with various great and unique experiences. However, it is also intertwined with many hardships, many challenges and many emotional beatings. The end result is the person I have become.

It is not always easy getting up in the morning. Knowing the demons that you have to face on a daily basis can be quite a daunting task. But if you have a support structure in place and if you open your heart, this makes the load to carry a bit lighter. Finding your inner strength to carry on is an important task. It is finding that belief in yourself that is often the greatest challenge of all.

Imagine what we ask of students. We ask them to be vulnerable on a daily basis. We ask that they learn new things, to fail in class (because it is a learning experience) and to not only complete tasks, (that they may not be comfortable with) but to do so in front of a group of peers. For students to live up to that constant challenge is simply amazing. As educators, we should already be celebrating their bravery.  We should also be allowing them to learn how to express themselves, in various ways and in various contexts. What they have to share should not be confined to the four walls of the classroom. Their ideas should be shared with the world. After all, if we never teach them how to communicate responsibly for a global audience, how will they ever learn?

So as I sit here, finding my strength to share and express myself, I encourage all educators to help students find their strength and find their voice. The most dangerous thing for a person is to be silent; to feel alone and have no one to talk to. As I struggle constantly, I thank those who are there with me and help me along the way. As most students, I don’t always let people in, but the important ones never let me forget that they are always there. In the end, they help carry me through the tough times.

So be there during the battles and challenges that students will face. It is then that they need it most. Amidst my darkness and anguish, I found strength and inspiration. Be a kid’s inspiration! Be their rock! Because #kidsdeserveit.

  1. toddnesloney says:

    This post was incredibly moving and I connect with it so deeply. Thank you Roman for sharing your heart.

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