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For the past month, I’ve been trying to convince one particular student to take my English class next semester. Don’t get me wrong, I already have 33 students in that one class, but I really want this student to be part of the group. As a teacher, you know when you see a spark in a student? You see their potential, their leadership qualities and their desire to learn? I believe I can bring him that extra step in my class and I would like to be part of his education pathway.

Everyday I take a few minutes out of my schedule to send him messages encouraging him to take my class, the advantages of doing so and what I can do to help him achieve great learning, high marks and eventually scholarships. I went so far to even contact his favourite NHL hockey player who sent him an email of encouragement.

Why do I do this? I mean, I honestly know that even without me, he will succeed immensly in life; it’s just one of those things you see as a teacher. I guess the answer is part selfish. As a teacher, you always want to be part of greatness. Your goal is to significantly contribute to someone’s life.

As the two week deadline to the beginning of my class approaches, I don’t know if he will actually take my class. But I do ultimately know that he doesn’t need it.

This entire situation brought an interesting reflexion on my part. Shouldn’t we always fight to have every student in our classroom? I remember in the past, hoping not to get assigned to certain classes because to me, I knew it would be difficult and the students didn’t often do as they were told. But what is goal as a teacher? Do I not want to unlock that passion and that creativity in every student that passes through my doorway?

So as I fight to still have this student become my 34th class member, he is the one who gave me the life lesson. As I embark on my future journeys as a teacher, I will fight to have every student in my class. They should all see and hear about my class and want to be in it. That’s the kind of passion I want and the kind of learning to take place in my classroom. In the end, I should only be so lucky, because personally, I would like to learn something from each and every one of my students.